[原创]制作一个简单的树莓派亚克力机箱(盒子)/Make a simple acrylic case for Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

简单地说,它就是一个基于ARM CPU的、信用卡那么大的迷你计算机。
In short, Pi is an ARM-based mini computer which has a credit card size.

If you want to read more about Raspberry Pi, please click here.

After using Raspberry Pi for some time, I decided to make a case for it for protecting reason, and it's finished appearance looks like this: 

self-made Raspberry Pi case

Of course not beautiful, but very useful(please ignore the coin besides the case). Below is the basic process to build one:
【1】准备机箱材料 / Preparing case material
What is the best material for the case? Metal is too hard to process and paper board may not has enough hardness & it's not transparent, so the acrylic plate may be an excellent choice: transparent, easy to process, enough hardness, and super cheap - it has been proved that we can make a Pi case with an acrylic plate less than $0.4 !

下面是我买的亚克力板(上面粘了一层纸,撕掉即透明),¥5 一块,尺寸 20cm * 30cm,厚约1.7mm,最后做好一个树莓派机箱用了不到半块。
Below is the acrylic plate I bought(a piece of paper was sticked there so it's not transparent), it's price is less than $1, size is 20cm * 30cm, thickness is about 1.7mm, at last I used less than half of it to make a case.

acrylic plate

【2】准备工具 / Preparing tools
To improve work efficiency, I bought some useful things from taobao.com(the largest e-commerce website in China), e.g. a electric grinder, some drills, etc. Below are my equipments -
The electric grinder:

electric grinder

Drills used by the electric grinder:


The cutting head used by the electric grinder:

cutting head

Grinding heads used by the electric grinder:

grinding head

Chucks used to fix all the drills & heads above:

drill chuck

The electric grinder with the cutting head equiped:

electric grinder with cutting head equiped

Never think that these tools will cost you a lot, actually because of they are all inferior quality products which have low precision, so all of them are cheap to buy. They cost me only about $20 and are very suitable for tech geeks.

【3】量体裁衣 / Cut out acrylic plate to fit Pi
I don't know how to get the three dimension of Pi by computer reverse engineering, and I don't have any precision processing equipment such as NC machine tools, so I can only use the most primitive method to do the work, that is, put Pi on the acrylic plate, draw some rough lines, and then cut it - totally need to cut 6 pieces of board with different size. You can't limit the USB port & network port to a very small size because you can't process the acrylic plate very precisely, so leaving some some is very important. I'm very regretful that I waste 2 pieces of finished boards because of short size.

在这里给大家一个长宽高的参考值:90mm * 60mm * 35mm,如果没有精密加工设备,建议普遍放大5~10mm。至于其他的每个接口的尺寸和位置,我就给不了你了,因为我也是跟着感觉走的...
Here is a reference value of the three dimension of Pi: 90mm * 60mm * 35mm. Add 5~10mm if you don't have precision processing equipments. And I can't give you any info of all the positions & sizes of the ports on Pi, because I was following my thinking to do that..
For cooling reason you should drill some holes on the head cover board, I made a word "Pi" as you seen before.
The detailed process will not be described here because it's just along with noise & dust(remember to wear a mask), and of course, happiness.

【4】组装 / Assembling
Because of lacking of enough precision, the self-made boards couldn't be jointed together without any outside help, so I used 4 rubber bands to fix them, as you seen before.


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